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Many items can be addressed directly on your wedding invites, mainly the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why), but not everyone is familiar with the intricacies of wedding etiquette and procedure. Despite your best efforts to be straightforward while still maintaining a level of formality, you’ll most likely get at least a few questions from your wedding guests. Here’s a guide to help you answer them.

Check out the top questions wedding guests ask!

1. Can I bring a plus one?

Who is invited, and who is not, should be clear from the address on the invite, but sometimes your wedding guests’ relationship statuses or other circ*mstances will change, so chances are you will probably get this question from someone. Depending on your personal preferences or the restrictions of your wedding venue or budget, your answer may vary. Try something like this:

If the answer is yes:

  • “Sure thing! The more the merrier.”

If the answer is no:

  • “Unfortunately, we’re on a tight budget and we really can’t accommodate another guest.”

  • “Unfortunately, we’ve booked a small venue and we’re already at capacity.”

  • “We’re having a small wedding and we only invited close friends and family.”

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2. Can I bring my kid(s)?

This can be a sensitive one for some wedding guests. Some will be completely off put, or even offended, if you choose to host an adults-only event or only invite some guests to bring their kids and not others. Ultimately the decision is up to you and here are some ways you can approach this question:

If the answer is yes:

  • “We’d be more than happy to host you and your family!”

If the answer is no:

  • "Unfortunately, we decided to make this an evening for adults only, but we’ll be happy to help you coordinate a sitter for the night!”

3. What should I wear?

As obvious as this answer may seem to you or others, sometimes people feel the need to ask. Better to be safe than sorry! Your first instinct might be to snap back, “Well, definitely don’t wear white!” but maybe try you might try some of these alternatives instead:

  • “The wedding is casual, so please feel free to wear whatever you’d feel best in!”

  • “The wedding is semi-formal, so we encourage you to wear co*cktail attire [for evening events] / Sunday best [for daytime events].”

  • “The wedding is formal, so we encourage you to wear black tie attire. Evening gowns and tuxedos are appropriate.”

4. Do I really have to submit an RSVP?

If you’re on a tight budget, have a huge guest list, or are trying to stay organized, the answer to this question will be an abounding YES! Try this or a similar approach:

  • “Yes, please submit your RSVP via *insert method here—snail mail, online, etc.* by *insert date here* to help keep us organized as we plan for our big day! We greatly appreciate your cooperation.”

Tip: If you have or will have a wedding website, consider including an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to your site in order to save your guests and yourself some time.

Need more tips? Don’t leave your guests wondering about wedding day attire.

Top Questions Wedding Guests Ask and How to Answer | Wedding Spot Blog (2024)
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