The Processional: Crafting an Unforgettable Wedding Overture (2024)

Imagine the processional as the grand opening act of your wedding day, a celebration filled with love, where anticipation becomes tangible and hearts beat in unison. Picture the scene: guests are seated, the air buzzes with excitement, and the music starts, signaling that something wonderful is about to unfold.

One by one, the wedding party makes their debut, each step synchronized with beats that resonate with your unique vibe. They're the warm-up acts, setting the stage and the mood for the star of the show, you!

When it's your turn, you'll make a grand entrance, radiating joy, love, and perhaps a touch of nerves. This isn't just a walk; it's a journey. Each step carries meaning, leading you towards a future shared with your favorite person.

The essence of a wedding Processional

At its core, the processional is the ceremonial beginning of your wedding, marking the entrance of the wedding party and culminating with your memorable walk down the aisle. This is where your wedding day story unfolds, set to the music of your chosen processional songs.

Why Processional Music Matters

Music has the power to evoke strong emotions and memories, making it an essential part of your processional. It's not merely a tradition; it's a powerful way to express the depth of your relationship and the journey ahead. The right processional songs can transform your ceremony into a meaningful emotional experience for everyone involved.

Choosing Your Processional Music

When it comes to selecting music, you have a wide array of options:

Traditional Processional Favorites:
  1. Pachelbel's Canon in D: Its harmonious progression is synonymous with the bridal march.

  2. Wagner's "Bridal Chorus," The quintessential "Here Comes the Bride," remains a beloved choice.

  3. Schubert's "Ave Maria": For a touch of solemnity and grace.

  4. Handel's "Water Music": Majestic and uplifting, ideal for a regal entrance.

Modern Processional Inspiration:

Consider instrumental or acoustic versions of songs that hold special meaning for you, such as :

  1. "All of Me" Consider an instrumental version of John Legend's "All of Me" for a contemporary, romantic flair.
  2. "Thinking Out Loud" Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud", played acoustically, adds a warm, personal touch.

  3. "A Thousand Years" A piano rendition of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" offers serenity and depth.

  4. "Viva la Vida" The Vitamin String Quartet's cover of Coldplay brings energy and elegance.

  5. "A Thousand Years" - Christina Perri (Piano/Cello Cover by The Piano Guys): A heartfelt, instrumental version of this modern classic.

  6. "All of Me" - John Legend (Instrumental Guitar Cover): A tender, guitar-driven take on a beloved love song.

  7. "Marry Me" - Train (String Quartet Version): An elegant, instrumental rendition of a pop favorite.

  8. "Love Me Like You Do" - Ellie Goulding (Violin Cover): A violin cover that adds a touch of romance and intensity.

  9. "Perfect" - Ed Sheeran (Orchestral Version): An orchestral cover that elevates this romantic ballad to new heights.

  10. "I Choose You" - Sara Bareilles (Acoustic Cover): An acoustic interpretation of a joyful, upbeat love song.

  11. "Can't Help Falling in Love" - Elvis Presley (Piano Cover): A timeless love song reimagined on piano for a soft, romantic mood.

  12. "Say You Won't Let Go" - James Arthur (Cello and Guitar Cover): A soulful, instrumental version that captures the song's emotional depth.

  13. "Make You Feel My Love" - Adele (Instrumental Version): An instrumental cover that brings a sense of warmth and sincerity.

  14. "Just the Way You Are" - Bruno Mars (String Quartet Cover): A string quartet cover that adds a classical touch to this pop tune.

  15. "Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran (Piano Cover): A piano cover that highlights the song's romantic melodies.

  16. "Yellow" - Coldplay (Acoustic Instrumental): An acoustic instrumental version that brings out the song's gentle, loving nature.

  17. "Ho Hey" - The Lumineers (Folk Cover): A folk-inspired cover that keeps the original's charming, upbeat spirit.

  18. "Somewhere Only We Know" - Keane (Instrumental Cover): A beautiful, instrumental interpretation of a song about intimate connection.

  19. "Latch" - Sam Smith (Acoustic Guitar Cover): An acoustic guitar version that emphasizes the song's heartfelt lyrics.

  20. "You Are the Best Thing" - Ray LaMontagne (Instrumental Cover): Captures the warmth and soul of the original in a lovely instrumental form.

  21. "XO" - Beyoncé (String Quartet Cover): A string quartet brings a sophisticated flair to this upbeat love song.

  22. "Halo" - Beyoncé (Piano Cover): A piano cover that lends a touching, ethereal quality to this powerful ballad.

  23. "Love Story" - Taylor Swift (Violin Cover): A violin version that adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to this pop anthem.

  24. "The Scientist" - Coldplay (Piano/Cello Cover): An instrumental cover that transforms the song into a moving, cinematic piece.

Instrumental covers can add a touch of tradition while still feeling fresh and personal.

Choosing an instrumental piece for your processional is a nod to tradition that's stood the test of time. Processional music is often traditional and classical to create a sense of elegance and formality that sets a solemn and romantic tone as you walk down the aisle.

While classical and instrumental music brings a timeless beauty, it's not a must-have for everyone. You can mix it up with genres and styles that resonate more personally with you. Whether it's a rock ballad, an indie track, or a Billboard 100 song that has meaning in your relationship, you should choose processional music that speaks to your heart. The aim is to make your day feel as true to you as possible, and if that means stepping away from the classics, go for it!

Your choice of processional music, whether instrumental or with vocals, sets the tone for your ceremony and the commencement of your married life.
We say, embrace the songs that resonate with your heart. Your wedding ceremony music is more than just a playlist; it's the musical embodiment of your love story, inviting your guests to tune into the rhythm of your hearts as you take those significant steps toward a shared future.

The Processional: Crafting an Unforgettable Wedding Overture (2024)
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