5 'Mountain Chic' Outfit Ideas for Your Next Event (2024)

A reader came to us with the following question:

“My son is graduating from college next month at CU Boulder and I need graduation outfit ideas. I want to be the cool mom, but not too trendy, and definitely not mumsy. Need mountain chic ideas. Thanks”

She asked. We answered. And though graduation season is coming to an end, I put together five Mountain Chic looks you can easily wear to a graduation or any other spring or summer event you may have planned like weddings, birthdays, or baby showers. Also, a big shoutout to all The Mom Edit Insider readers who helped me out by providing me with inspiration for this post! Thanks, y’all!

Nothing screams ‘Mountain Chic’ like cowboy boots, boho dresses, rustic jewelry, and leather handbags with a touch of Western styling. I was inspired by Banana Republic (who is really coming through with some strong Mountain Chic game, by the way), as well as FARM Rio and Reformation. Here are five Mountain Chic looks I pulled together for summer events.

1. Lace Sundress With Suede Boots & Textured Jewelry

5 'Mountain Chic' Outfit Ideas for Your Next Event (1)

Denim Jacket | Earrings | Dress | Boots | Bag | Cuff

I am so obsessed with this lacey, boho-inspired, white FARM Rio dress (no surprise, since I love everything FARM Rio right now). I also love these dangling leaf earrings and this gold cuff both from Banana Republic. Throw on an oversized denim jacket, add a leather bucket bag and suede cowboy boots and you’ve got a lovely Mountain Chic look for your next summer event.

2. Boho Maxi Dress With Feathers & Fringe In Chocolate Brown

Dress | Jacket | Sandals | Bag | Earrings

As soon as I saw this gorgeous feather print dress from Banana Republic, I knew I had to build a Mountain Chic outfit around it. Thankfully, Banana Republic has so many Mountain Chic-inspired pieces from their clothing to their jewelry (I mean, how perfect are these feather-like earrings) and even fabulous leather bags. I didn’t have to look much further than BR to pull this entire look together, minus the Free People sandals, which I found at Nordstrom.

3. THAT Long Denim Skirt + Cowgirl Accessories In Black

5 'Mountain Chic' Outfit Ideas for Your Next Event (3)

Skirt | Jacket | Boots | Belt | Bag | Tee

If you’re a regular follower of TME, then you’re probably already familiar with this rad Reformation denim skirt we’ve mentioned in posts before. It’s just so good. Pairing a long denim skirt with elevated classics with a Western twist (like this tooled leather belt from Free People) creates this easy-going yet incredibly cool outfit.

4. Strapless Maxi Dress, Oversized Denim & Bling

5 'Mountain Chic' Outfit Ideas for Your Next Event (4)

Dress | Bag | Denim Jacket | Wedges | Gold Choker

I loved this Mango strapless dress from the moment I laid eyes on it. I think it would also make a great maternity dress as well. I also loved how it looked with the gold choker the model is wearing in the pic. When you add in a unique denim jacket and espadrille wedges you have a perfect day-to-evening Mountain Chic look for your next summer event.

5. Floral Mini Dress, Knee High Boots & Bold Jewelry

5 'Mountain Chic' Outfit Ideas for Your Next Event (5)

Dress | Cuff | Bag | Earrings | Denim Vest | Boots

Polo Ralph Lauren provided me with SO much Mountain Chic inspiration. Basically, I love everything they are selling at the moment, including this pretty lil’ mini floral dress. When paired with malachite jewelry (turquoise would work too), knee-high embossed boots, a denim vest, and a satchel-inspired leather handbag, you have a perfect Mountain Chic look.

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Hope this post was helpful! Until next time,

Jess ( Instagram | My Closet )

5 'Mountain Chic' Outfit Ideas for Your Next Event (6)
5 'Mountain Chic' Outfit Ideas for Your Next Event (2024)
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