30+ Fun Engagement Party Games And Activities (2024)

An engagement party is the first official celebration of a pre-wedding ceremony. It is not just about the mouthwatering food refreshments and sparkling decorations – it’s much more than that. Such parties are arranged to celebrate the occasion and let guests from both sides get familiar with each other. It’s a perfect opportunity for mingling, togetherness, interaction, laughter, icebreakers and party favors. So indulging the couple and the guests in some engagement party games will make it fun and memorable. So, if you are still at the planning stages of the party, still sending out the invitations, be sure to check out the following games and give your guests a party they will remember for a long time. These crowd-favorite activities can keep even the most cynical guests engaged. Scroll down!

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31 Fun Engagement Party Games And Activities

Here’s a rundown of the 31 best engagement party games to spice up the celebration.

1. Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo is just like regular Bingo, except the squares are filled with wedding-related words instead of numbers. Design the Bridal Bingo cards with some well-known wedding symbols or words, and the quickest person to cross out the symbols in their card wins.
Signs and symbols like an engagement ring, wedding cake, bridal dress, flowers, garters, and suits are some of the classic picks to include on the Bridal Bingo cards. You can also look for templates and designs online for inspiration.

2. Bridal Jeopardy

The name is self-explanatory, but for those who don’t know, this is how the game is played – create a board with six categories (or as many you want). These categories may include famous couples, brides, grooms, weddings, showers, and parties.

Each category can have as many questions as you want, and you can customize them to suit the party theme. Whoever raises their hand first gets to choose the category and how much they can wager. The guest who gives the maximum correct answers wins the game.

3. Carnhole-y Matrimony Contest

This game is a worth-adding option for an outdoor engagement party. It’s the beanbag toss game, but with a twist. Divide your guests into two teams, and they have to answer assorted questions about the couple. Each team earns a beanbag with every correct answer. To make it more interesting, you can assign different points per beanbag. In simple words, the trickier the question, the more points they will score.

4. The Shoe Game

The engagement party shoe game is a classic entertainment that involves the happy couple. Ask the couple to sit back-to-back, swap one of their shoes, and hold it along with their own in either hand. The host will ask them questions about each other along the lines of “who has the best taste in music?” or “who is more romantic?” etc. You can have the guests participate in this game by asking them to come up with their own questions.

The affianced couple will individually raise their own or their partner’s shoe to answer, without looking at each other. It’s an exciting way to see the couple’s compatibility and to check whether they agree with each other or not while unveiling some funny truths.

30+ Fun Engagement Party Games And Activities (1) Trivia

You may also involve the wedding guests to answer if you want. You can make a competitive game out of it to see who knows the bride and groom the best.

5. Match The Memory

Ask your guests to match up memories to one-half of the soon-to-wed couple in this fun game. Pull together some of your favorite memories and challenge the attendees to evaluate fun facts such as “Who loves to indulge in a secret hobby?” and “Who traveled most countries?” etc.

30+ Fun Engagement Party Games And Activities (2) Quick Tip

You may also ask about the dates of their first meeting, the first time they confessed their love, etc. The first one to remember the dates wins the round.

What’s great about this party game is that it can be as relaxed or as wild as you like, depending on the memories and questions. This is one of the best engagement party games for guests to be better acquainted with the couple and feel connected.

6. Ring Hunt

Counted amongst the ultimate wedding engagement party games, Ring Hunt is similar to Treasure Hunt. But there’s a catch, of course! For this game, you have to collect rings in the form of candies, inflatable props, or drawings and hide them at the venue. Ask your guests to search all the hidden rings. In the end, the person who finds the most rings wins the game. Make sure to choose unexpected hiding spots to add some thrill to the game.

7. How Many Kisses Are In The Jar?

Another fun engagement party activity is to fill pots with chocolate kisses and ask guests to guess how many kisses are in the jar. You can prepare the sign, guess cards, and other printables in pretty designs. Give out gift vouchers as prizes to ensure participation.

8. Signature co*cktail Challenge

30+ Fun Engagement Party Games And Activities (3)

To start the game, divide the guests into several teams, each with the same stow of the co*cktail Fixin’s. Challenge the groups to create a signature co*cktail that represents the couple. The drink should be strong, just like the couple’s bonding, or must include ingredients that relate to the couple somehow. The couple will then taste each creation before announcing a winner. For more amusem*nt, you can raise the stakes by ensuring that the winning co*cktail finds its way to the wedding menu.

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9. Perfect Match Puzzle Challenge

The Perfect Match Puzzle Challenge is one of the best fun engagement party group games. Divide the guests into several teams and give them a customized puzzle with an image related to the couple. For instance, it could be an image of the venue of their first date, their first photograph, their dog, or something totally obscure. Ask the teams to complete the puzzle and guess why the image holds significance. The group or team that solves the puzzle first wins the game.

10. Put A Ring On It

If you are looking for outdoor engagement party games, you must add this to the list. To play the game, arrange bottles in a soda crate and ask your guests to score points by tossing a plastic or rope ring around the bottlenecks. Assign extra points to soda bottles of a specific brand to make it more challenging. After the game, ask the guests to slip messages into each bottle as a keepsake for the couple.

11. Guess The Famous Couple

To start the game, allow your guests to write down the names of about ten famous romantic couples (real or fictitious, together or divorced, alive or dead) in individual chits and place them in a bowl. Now, split the guests into pairs. With each pair going one at a time, one partner is the clue-giver, and the other is the guesser. The clue giver picks the name of the famous couple out of the bowl and gets their partner to guess the correct name. The guesser can ask the clue-giver up to 20 yes-no questions to find out who the mystery couple is. Set a timer for a minute or two to add more thrill to the game and see how many famous couples each pair can clear within the specified time.

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12. Pop The Questions

To play this game, prepare a list of questions for the couple. These questions must be related to them, such as “Who hogs the streets?” or “Who made the first move?” etc. Write each question in a chit and load it in one balloon each. Select two different colors of balloons or confetti to put in the balloons to represent who among the couple the question is about. Pop the balloons to reveal the question. The guests will jot down their guesses, after which the couple will give out the real answer. Guesses that match the answer win a point.

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13. Marry-oke Singing Showdown

Turn the engagement party into a fun karaoke battle with Marry-oke Singing Showdown. Ask the couple to create a playlist of their favorite romantic songs and then turn that list into a sentimental karaoke set. The participants will pick a different song from the set and perform karaoke. The attendees will then vote for the performers who sing the set with the most soul.

14. Set Up A Photo Booth

This is for the guests who love to click photos. Pick a theme, and set up a faux photo booth. Make sure to add all kinds of fun props to the photo booth so your guests can click some funny and memorable photographs. A wide range of printable photo booth props are available online, and you can pick any of them that suits your party theme. Once everyone is done taking pictures, the couple will review them and pick the winner.

Brittany Von Arx, a YouTuber, shares a detailed tutorial on creating a budget-friendly DIY photo booth setup for events or weddings, emphasizing the brilliance of the booth. She says, “I think probably one of the biggest benefits of doing this DIY photo booth set up is that it’s self-service so your guests can come up to the photo booth whenever they want (i).”

15. Two Truths And A Lie

If you are looking for icebreaker games for engagement parties, your search ends with this perfect game. It is a classic, and the same rules apply here. Participants in the game will tell the audience two truths and one lie about themselves. The other guests must tell which of the three statements is a lie. To grow more familiar with the participants, you can ask them to talk about the two truths in detail.

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16. Pin The Ring On The Finger

This game has a fun twist on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” You can blindfold the guests, give them a cutout of a ring, and see if they can pin it to a poster of a hand. The participant who pins it closest to the assigned finger wins. For a plot twist, you can have the others shout out cues to go left or right, either to confuse them or to help them.

17. Who’s Got the Best Dance Moves

Image Alt Text: Fun engagement party games and activities

If your engagement party is going to include some beats, turn dancing into a game. Let guests strut their stuff individually or in pairs on selected tracks. Record their performances and get everyone to vote for their favorite dance act! You can also include fun ‘bust a move’ challenges to be tackled mid-song that keep the energy high. The performer who receives the highest votes at the end with the most captivating moves bags a win!

18. Scrapbook Building

If your lot consists of craft-loving friends, give everyone a memory-filled assignment— to present you with their favorite photo of you two as a couple. At the party, put together all the collected photos, adorning scrapbooks with funny messages and decorative motifs around the photos. Everyone will reminisce about the cherished moments, with the couple deciding on the best photo captured and commemorating it further on a big photo frame.

19. Caption That Snaps

This hilarious engagement game will definitely have your guests in splits. Before the party, gather humorous photos from unknown moments or embarrassing snaps from the couple’s photo collection. Display them one by one and get everyone to propose the wackiest caption. The wittiest and most thought-provoking reign as the champions. The game can be played with multiple rounds; it lightens up the mood and makes for memorable keepsakes.

20. Love Notes Jenga

Rekindle the childhood love for the tumbling towers game, Jenga, with a sweet twist. Modify each Jenga piece to contain a directive or challenge related to the couple inside. A piece’s removal should coincide with the execution of the depicted task. It could be something like ‘Sing a love song to your partner’ or ‘Share how you felt when you first saw your partner’. Plan it such that both hilarious as well as love-affirming instructions are in the mix. The one who builds the largest tower without making it fall or refusing to do a challenge wins.

21. Unscramble Relationship

Provide the guests with mixed-up words related to important events, places, or memories from the couple’s past and ask them to unscramble. The first one to get all the words correctly gets applauded as the ‘memory winner’.

22. Capture The Moment

Instead of a traditional photo booth, why not turn photography into a game? Challenge guests to capture the most interesting, funniest, or most moving moment of the party. The couple can choose their favorite photo at the end, and the photographer wins a prize.

23. Who’s The Better Half?

Here is a final classic twist for engagement parties. Prepare a series of questions about the couple. The list should contain a mixed bag of simple and difficult questions. The couple will answer separately, and guests will have to decide whose response they agree with more. In the end, the person on the guest’s side with the most point is declared the ‘better half’. To make things more interesting, you can use a buzzer and a timer.

24. Spot The Engagement Ring

Start this playful game by scattering lots of fake felt rings along with one real-looking (but still imitation) ring somewhere in your party location. The guests then have to scramble to locate the faux real ring. The catch of this game is to make the ‘real’ fake ring look very close to the real one. You may control when guests can go about their hunt to add more excitement. The one who finds the ‘real’ fake ring first wins.

25. Couple Trivia Board Game

Now, this is a total crowd favorite. You can either customize an existing board game about the couple or create one entirely from scratch. The subjects of the trivia can be anything from their first meeting to life events, preferred movies, favorite jokes, tidbits about their personalities, etc. The couple will divide the remainder of the party guests into teams. During their turn, each team member will roll the dice and answer a trivium correlated to the destination where their piece lands on the board. The team that crosses the finish line first, after successfully answering the questions, wins the game.

26. Pre-Wedding Karaoke

It’s time to kick off the celebrations on a musical note! Host a Pre-Wedding karaoke session at the party. Compile songs that resonate with the couple’s story or choose tunes related to love and marriage. Invite guests to select and perform a song. To make the game more involving, you may require the guests to not only sing the song but also explain their song’s connection to the couple in question. And of course, the couple can be the final judges in determining the finest rendition. Repartitioning, both solo performances and grouping guests to form makeshift bands, can add variation to this standard karaoke activity.

27. Wedding Pictionary

Everyone loves Pictionary! Put a wedding spin on this well-loved classic. Develop categories such as prenuptial activities, sequential wedding events, and famous romantic movies. Then, create unique, plausible illustrations for which the guests will be drawn. Divide the participants into two or more teams. The team that draws out the finest depictions that lead to accurate guesses wins the game. Level up the game with timed rounds to create extra competitive intrigue.

28. Message In A Bottle

Request your guests to write their best wishes or relationship advice for the couple on small papers. These messages are then folded and put in a glass bottle. This doesn’t just offer an interactive activity for the guests; it also provides an emotional keepsake for the couple.

29. Create The Tale

Guests can individually write down an anecdote or detail about the couple. All the snippets are randomly presented together and weaved into a hilarious and unexpected narrative about their relationship. The couple can give a prize for the most entertaining addition to the story.

30. Video Confessions And Wishes

Set up a separate space with a video recorder. Encourage guests to record their best wishes, funny memories, or advice for the couple. It would be a heartfelt activity as well as a cherished keepsake for the couple.

31. Love Prediction Corner

Guests will privately write down their marital advice or prediction for the couple’s future on pieces of paper that will be kept in a sealed to be opened by the couple after a year.

Wrapping It Up

Infographic: Top 5 Engagement Party Games Ideas

You don’t want your engagement party to be a drab event with just food and no fun. Pre-plan fun activities and games to make it engaging and memorable. The event brings together friends and family, and games can work like icebreakers and get guests mingling. The infographic below highlights the top engagement party games to add fun and sparkle to your celebrations. Check it out!

30+ Fun Engagement Party Games And Activities (4)


Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

30+ Fun Engagement Party Games And Activities (5)

Engagement parties and pre-wedding ceremonies often involve guests from both sides who have never met before. And fun engagement party games are a great way to break the ice and have the guests mingle and learn more about the couple. So, if you haven’t decided on the fun part yet, take ideas from the article and include these fun games in your party. All the activities will ensure that the guests have a great time, enjoy themselves, and make wonderful memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the engagement party?

Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the engagement party. It is celebrated to unite the two families.

How much money do you give for an engagement party?

There is no hard and fast rule for the amount of money spent on the engagement party. It completely depends on the number of guests and arrangements.

How long should an engagement party last?

Typically, an engagement party lasts up to 4 hours. Everything like partying, drinking, games, and speeches should be planned accordingly.

Key Takeaways

  • Bridal Jeopardy is a fun and interactive game that can be played during the engagement party; this involves guests answering bridal-related questions, or anything associated with the wedding.
  • A fun and easy game to incorporate is “How Many Kisses Are In The Jar?” To play this, ask your guests to guess the number of chocolates in the jar, and prepare gifts with which to award the winner/s.
  • A signature co*cktail-making challenge is a certified way to spruce up any party–an innovative spin on those boring, over-done drinking games.
  • A little karaoke battle always infuses a party with life and jubilation; hence, the “Marry-oke Singing Showdown” is one of the best games to enjoy at the engagement party and get everyone humming the melodies.

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