20 unique bachelorette party themes (2024)

It's getting harder and harder to come up with different ideas for a bachelorette party theme. These 20 unique ideas should help.

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Decade theme

20 unique bachelorette party themes (1)


Decades are used for theme parties all the time, but other than the '20s and '40s, not many are utilized for bachelorette parties. Not only would a decade like the '60s or the '80s be easy to decorate and dress for, it'd make for great photos and loads of fun.

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Your favorite obscure rom-com

20 unique bachelorette party themes (2)

Working Title Films

Plenty of bachelorette parties have been themed after rom-coms, but rarely do we take the time to recognize the obscure ones. Whether you're having everyone come as their favorite obscure rom-com or just finding inspiration from the bride's, theme your party around a hilarious, romantic movie that needs a little more recognition, like About Time or Just Like Heaven.

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'Pride & Prejudice'

20 unique bachelorette party themes (3)

Universal Pictures

Instead of an obscure rom-com, go for one of the most well-known romance films of all time and have a Pride & Prejudice-themed bachelorette party. You have instant inspo for outfits, decor, food, and more. It might be best for a night in, but that’ll make it all the more special and intimate.

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Taylor Swift's “Lover”

20 unique bachelorette party themes (4)

USA Today

Skip the eras and stick to Taylor Swift's best love song. Even if you’re not a T-Swfit fan, "Lover" is an undeniably great track that would make for a beautiful, ethereal theme. Pastels, chiffon, fringe, and glitter can all come together for a dreamy "Lover" bachelorette theme.

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Nicholas Sparks novels

20 unique bachelorette party themes (5)

Gran Via

Nicholas Sparks is the ultimate romance writer, and plenty of his novels would make for a great singular bachelorette party theme, but combining the novels would also work. Have each guest dress in theme according to their favorite Sparks book and take aesthetic inspiration from each for the decor.

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20 unique bachelorette party themes (6)


A Bridgerton bachelorette party would be similar in style to Pride and Prejudice but with a little more glamour and drama. Utilize gilded decor and accessories and find a way to incorporate Lady Whistledown. And use the official playlist on Spotify for background music.

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Everyone's a bride

20 unique bachelorette party themes (7)


Not every bride will be into this theme, but for those who don't mind sharing the spotlight, having everyone dress up as a bride for a night is loads of fun. Hit a thrift store and find old wedding dresses, then have everyone gather for a girls' night in a la Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica in Friends.

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Emo night

20 unique bachelorette party themes (8)


If the Warped Tour was your idea of fun growing up, have an emo night bachelorette theme. Play all the best emo hits of the 2000s, sport black-chipped nail polish, and make sure everyone has the smokiest eyes possible. If you can find an emo bar, make sure to stop for at least one drink.

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Spice Girls

20 unique bachelorette party themes (9)


If "Wannabe" is your anthem, have a Spice Girls bachelorette party. Guests can each come as a different group member, and if you have more than five in attendance, assign them another persona. Have everyone '90s glam, and make it clear to the groom that if he wants to be the bride's lover, he's gotta get with her friends.

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Last Rendez-Veuve

20 unique bachelorette party themes (10)


A fun play on the word rendezvous, the Last Rendez-Veuve theme involves everyone's favorite: champagne. If you don't want to use actual Veuve, you can opt for a less expensive brand of champs, but make sure to get pink and orange decorations and at least one balloon bottle.

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20 unique bachelorette party themes (11)


As unsettling as it is, Y2K has become a distant memory. The good news is that it makes for an excellent bachelorette party. If you want to go glam, you and your friends can dress a la Paris Hilton's 21st birthday. For a more casual feel, wear velour tracksuits. Only play early 2000s hits and party like you're Lindsay Lohan in 2004.

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Old Hollywood

20 unique bachelorette party themes (12)


Few themes are as glamorous as old Hollywood. You can take this theme in multiple directions, perhaps very film-focused or more meta with just the look and feel of the era. Whatever you decide, make sure everyone in attendance looks as sophisticated as possible.

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20 unique bachelorette party themes (13)


Plenty of bachelorette parties have gone out in wigs. Take the costuming one step further with a masquerade theme. The decor can be dark and mysterious, and all the guests can wear their most alluring eye mask. It'll be totally unique and loads of fun.

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Retro slumber party

20 unique bachelorette party themes (14)


Long before there were bachelorette party themes, women gathered a couple of nights before the wedding to send off their bride with a fun sleepover. Channel that energy for your bachelorette party, just make it the theme. Have all the classic elements of a slumber party: matching pajamas, truth or dare, co*cktails and snacks, and a nostalgic movie to end the night.

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Après ski

20 unique bachelorette party themes (15)


Whether you plan to have your bachelorette party in Aspen or you just love winter, an après ski theme is perfect. Everyone can dress in their coziest yet bougiest outfits, sit around a fire, and have a co*cktail. You don't actually have to go skiing during the day, but you sure can.

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Tea party

20 unique bachelorette party themes (16)


For a refined bachelorette party, have everyone over for tea. It's a great excuse to get dressed up and engage in an activity you might not be used to. Decorations can go many ways for this, making it a versatile yet achievable theme.

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20 unique bachelorette party themes (17)


Casino parties are glamorous and fun for many occasions, so why not utilize that same energy for a bachelorette party? Gamble with the girls and make plenty of puns about getting lucky. It's also the perfect excuse to place bets on who's going to be the wildest of the night.

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20 unique bachelorette party themes (18)


If you can go to Hawaii for your bachelorette party, by all means, go to Hawaii. But if that's not feasible, bring Hawaii to you with a luau. If possible, host the party poolside and spend the entire day in your swimsuit before changing into a flowy dress for the evening.

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Around the world

20 unique bachelorette party themes (19)


If you have too many destinations in mind for a bachelorette party and can't narrow them down, visit them all — so to speak. Throw an around-the-world-themed bachelorette party. Find inspiration for food, decor, and more from your most coveted destinations.

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20 unique bachelorette party themes (20)


Not all bachelorette parties need to be cute and aesthetic. Some can be just plain fun. If you have a more relaxed vibe and don't have any interest in dressing up, throw a "darty," also known as a day party. Opt for yard games and grilling out over bar hopping and reservations, and be in bed by 10 p.m.

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20 unique bachelorette party themes (2024)


Do bachelorette parties have themes? ›

Finding the right bachelorette party theme can be exciting for the bride-to-be and her besties! We have rounded up some of the best ideas for all the bachelorette party themes for some ideas and inspiration from Shrek themed, space cowgirl, and more!

How to do a low key bachelorette? ›

We have rounded up 21 ideas of things to do for a low key bachelorette party!
  1. 1.) Glamping or Camping. A great idea for a bachelorette party if your under 21 is spending time outdoors! ...
  2. 2.) Disney. ...
  3. 3.) Spa Day. ...
  4. 4.) Poll Dancing Class. ...
  5. 5.) Slumber Party. ...
  6. 6.) Boat trip. ...
  7. 7.) Beach weekend. ...
  8. 8.) Paint Night.

Who usually pays for the bachelorette party? ›

Exactly who pays for the bachelorette party will depend on the specific situation, but most commonly, the cost is split evenly between the attendants. Everyone is responsible for covering their own expenses, such as meals and accommodation, while also splitting the cost to cover most—or all—of the bride's expenses.

Does the bride pay for herself at bachelorette party? ›

So, the host and the rest of the guests usually pay for their own costs, but not the bride's. “As a bride, if you're expecting your guests to travel a ways away, [you should help] out with extra costs,” Clinton remarks. Typically, the bride will cover her airfare and her share of the lodging.

Who picks theme for bachelorette party? ›

Sharing responsibilities for the bachelorette party might look something like: after consulting the bride, the MOH picks the theme, coordinates the dates, and books reservations, while other tasks like ordering decorations, picking up food, and finding local activities are delegated.

What do most girls do at bachelorette parties? ›

Many people choose to celebrate their bachelorette party at a bar or club, but other fun ideas include enjoying a spa day, going on a beach trip, or even going wine tasting. No matter what the activity is, the most important thing is that the bride and her friends have a good time!

How many hours is a bachelorette party? ›

Single-Night Bachelorette Parties Should Be Four to Five Hours Long. "If you are doing a one-night bachelorette party, try to plan for four to five hours," says Kate Lerman, owner and lead planner at Chicago Vintage Weddings.

What is a good bachelorette party size? ›

The average group size for these parties is 6-10 people. Results show that bachelorette parties are more likely to be extreme in terms of group size, ranging from 1-5 people or more than 25.

What is the ideal bachelorette party size? ›

The average bachelorette party has 10 people in attendance. This is typically the bridal party, with the addition of one to four close friends of the bride. The number of guests and who is invited might change depending on the size of your bridal party, and the activities and events of the bachelorette party.

How much should you budget for bachelorette? ›

On average, women spend about $250 per day on a bachelorette party, with one-day bachelorettes starting on the low end of around $150, and five-day bachelorettes reaching around $1900 on the higher end.

Who gives the bachelorette gifts? ›

Although it's trendy for the bride to give everyone attending the bachelorette party a gift, it's certainly not necessary. Traditionally, the maid of honor and bridesmaids plan and pay for all bachelorette festivities, and the bride spends her time preparing for the big day instead.

Do you give favors at a bachelorette party? ›

That being said, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to bachelorette party gifts. If you want to bring something extra special for the bride-to-be, go ahead! Just make sure it's something she will appreciate and that doesn't clash with the theme of the party.

Who decides what to do for bachelorette party? ›

Though the responsibility of planning a bachelorette party typically falls on the maid of honor, anyone can fulfill the role. Yes, the bride likely ultimately will decide on this pre-wedding party's location, theme, and dress code—but it's the planner's job to bring her vision to life.

Who pays for decorations at bachelorette? ›

The maid of honor and bridesmaids will typically split most of the expenses for a bachelorette party. This includes things like party favors, decorations, food, drinks, and any other necessities for the night.

What does a typical bachelorette party look like? ›

There are plenty of other options, like going to brunch, seeing a show, having a movie night, going golfing, having a spa day, taking a cooking class, hitting up an arcade, or even going camping. Check out our list of 50 fantastic bachelorette activity ideas to get you started.

How do you make a bachelorette hashtag? ›

Get Personal. Generic hashtags are overused and overdone. To make more of an impression with your guests via your bachelorette party hashtag, add personalization. “Your own names, timelines, dates and locations, and inside jokes offer a number of unique ways to create a hashtag,” Gosselin mentions.

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